TTR Hizballah January 2017


   • Hizballah is recognized as both a political group and a terrorist insurgent group, based in Lebanon, that has been active for over 30 years.
      • It now operates globally, with its focus still on Israel and the Syrian opposition.
   • Hizballah aligns itself with Iran and Syria, and against Israel.
      • Its recent, direct involvement in Syria has tarnished Hizballah’s reputation among its followers in Lebanon.
   • Parts of Beirut and the southern areas of Lebanon serve as Hizballah’s base, where it has remained active/armed with cooperation from the local population.
      • Hizballah actively participates within the Lebanese government.
   • Hizballah has evolved through successful practices in financing, recruiting, logistics, and training.
   • The Hizballah brand is pervasive and effective, for recruiting or simply garnering support from the population, especially to rally Lebanese against Israel.