WEG 2016 Vol 3 Naval Systems


The WEG was developed to support the Training Circular (TC) 7-100 series and all opposing force (OPFOR) portrayal in training simulations (constructive, virtual, live, and gaming). The equipment portrayed in this WEG represents military systems, variants, and upgrades that U.S. forces may encounter now and in the foreseeable future. The authors continually analyze real-world developments, capabilities, and trends to guarantee that the OPFOR remains relevant.

This series of TC/Field Manual and guides outline an OPFOR capable of portraying the entire spectrum of military and paramilitary capabilities against which the U.S. Military must train to ensure success in any future conflict.

Applications for this series of handbooks include field training, training simulations, and classroom instruction throughout the U.S. Military. All U.S. Military training venues should use an OPFOR based on these handbooks, except when mission rehearsal or contingency training requires maximum fidelity to a specific country-based threat. Even in the latter case, trainers should use appropriate parts of the OPFOR handbooks to fill information gaps in a manner consistent with what they do know about a specific threat.

*The pages in this WEG are designed for use in electronic form or for insertion into loose-leaf notebooks. This guide will be updated as often as necessary, in order to include additional systems, variants, and upgrades that are appropriate for OPFOR use.*