OEE Red Diamond MAY16

US Army Training Circular 7-100.2, Opposing Force Tactics, will be updated in FY 2017. Army Regulation 350-2 identifies the Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) G-2 as the responsible official for the Operational Environment (OE) and Opposing Force (OPFOR) Program across the Army. Within TRADOC G-2, the Analysis and Control Element Threats Integration (ACE-TI) serves as the Army lead for designing, documenting, and integrating threats or OPFOR and OE conditions in support of all US Army training, education, and leader development programs. A comprehensive study of regular forces, irregular forces, criminal organizations, and actions such as terrorism produces the TC 7-100 series on hybrid threats and the variables of an operational environment. Requirements from the US Army assist in ensuring a credible composite OPFOR representation of actual worldwide forces and capabilities in doctrine, tactics, techniques, organizations, equipment, and systems. We are collecting data on state and non-state actors such as Russia, proxies, and groups such as ISIL or al Shabaab. Send your data on regular or irregular threats to us as we plan refinements to how the Army presents complex OEs and hybrid threats—realistic, robust, and relevant OPFOR—for Army readiness.