OEE Red Diamond APR15

This month’s lead article spotlights a recent Warfighter
exercise with the 38th Infantry Division supported by the
2nd Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (CMBG). The
WFX was in a Decisive Action Training Environment.
ACE-Threats Integration hosted 60 students for the
March 2015 Threat Tactics Course at Fort Leavenworth.
Students included active duty and reserve component
military, Department of the Army civilians, contractors
from as far as Ft. Shafter, Hawaii, and attendees from the
Canadian Army.
The intelligence staff officer must demonstrate technical
skills competency and the ability to integrate intelligence
architecture experiences to achieve expertise. Team
proficiency in DCGS-A and other capabilities is a baseline
tenet to optimize the Army intelligence enterprise.
An article on the RPG-28 rocket propelled grenade
(125mm tandem warhead rocket) notes a disposable,
non-extending launcher. This weapon is capable of a
mobility or catastrophic kill on any main battle tank
(MBT) known to be in current service with any nation,
and can also be used in an anti-materiel role.
Military symbols is part 2 of a two-part article series.
Threats and/or opposing forces (OPFOR) symbols are
based on DOD and US Army doctrine in support of US
Army training, professional military and civilian
education, and leader development.