OEE Red Diamond AUG15

This month’s front-page feature announces the impending publication of the fourth product in the Threat Tactics Report (TTR) series, this one focusing on PLAA ground forces tactics. More details of the information from the TTR are presented in an article beginning on page 14. PLAA stand for the People’s Liberation Army’s Army, as opposed to PLAN, which represents the navy, or PLAAF, which represents the Air Force.
The next version of the DATE, 3.0, will involve input from users and interested parties in the form of working groups, in particular to address the topics of terrain, maritime, timeline, irregular warfare, and order of battle. The first working group will be this December. See pages 5 and 6 to learn how to participate.
Part 3 of the threat tactical vignette series of Red Diamond articles begins on page 7. This article delves into the details of reconnaissance and ambush tasks.
The World Class OPFOR utilizes the tasks and systems of mission command to conduct a Warfighter at a higher tempo, in a more adaptive and integrated fashion than training units, in order to seize, retain, and exploit the initiative. The article beginning on page 18 discusses the best practices of the WCOPFOR as an operational-strategic command (OSC). The article was co-written by LTC David Wright of MCTP and Pat Madden of ACE Threats Integration (ACE-TI).
This month’s WEG article features the Chinese SLC-2 and its capabilities. The article describes its artillery-locating functions and how it might affect US military operations.
Iran’s ground forces are comprised of two entities: the Artesh and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC). Details are shared as to the composition and capabilities of these forces, and a tactical example of how the Artesh might act defensively during a potential invasion of Iran is provided.
Finally, an article containing an excerpt from the recently published Threat Tactics Report: Russia completes this August issues of the Red Diamond. A link to the full product available from ATN is provided in the article.