OEE Red Diamond NOV15

This issue of Red Diamond begins with an article on the Al-Shabaab Janaale attack. TRADOC G-2 ACE Threats Integration released a Threat Action Report (TAR) on the 1 September 2015 al-Shabaab attack on Ugandan army personnel located in Janaale, Somalia. Analysis examines the importance of the date chosen for the attack, the possible reasons behind the attack, and the technical reasons behind the success of the al-Shabaab attack.
If You See Something—Say Something. Our antiterrorism situational understanding is a responsibility of each individual in observing and protecting his daily home, work, and recreational environments. The If You See Something, Say Something™ phrase is more than an antiterrorism and force protection campaign slogan. Protecting the US Homeland is a shared action responsibility to know the threats and know the enemy.
The Fall of Ramadi. The capture of Ramadi is part of an ISIL strategy to take control of Anbar province, and to threaten and attack Baghdad. ISIL has regularly used offensive tactics consistent with Hybrid Threat (HT) doctrine outlined in TC 7-100.2, Opposing Force Tactics.
Russian Tactics in Syria. Recent information shows that the Russians are methodically establishing infrastructure to support transport aircraft, heavy weaponry, and troops. Russians use stealth to infiltrate troops and equipment, INFOWAR to deny and then justify this build-up, intelligence and special forces units to gather intelligence
and set the conditions for offensive action, and airstrikes followed by small units of Russian special forces and “advisors” used to control key terrain. Russia may continue these tactics to maintain a military presence in Syria, much as it has done in Crimea and Ukraine.
Refugees in CENTCOM. Hybrid Threat (HT) actors, including the regular forces of the Syrian regime, irregular forces such as the violent extremists group ISIL, and criminal human traffickers recognize the opportunity these displaced populations represent. They are exploited as a source of profit and propaganda for these regional threat actors.
Iranian Air Forces. This article is a primer for Iran’s military aircraft and air defense systems, and discusses organizational elements, missions, and capabilities for both elements of Iran’s air forces—the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF). The subject of Iran’s military missile capabilities will be addressed in a future issue of the Red Diamond.