OEE Red Diamond AUG14

Following a cover article about Army Antiterrorism Awareness, this issue leads with an article on use of the Decisive Action Training Environment (DATE) and opposing force (OPFOR) in the United Kingdom’s premier land training event for 2014, Exercise Iron Resolve (Ex IR). The UK Liaison Officer to TRISA discusses the 3rd UK Division training with operational environments (OEs) in DATE 2.1.
Threat OPFOR tactics during reconnaissance are based on a composite of enemy and/or adversary actions experienced in recent and contemporary operations. “Threat Reconnaissance” reflects tactical functions as stated in US Army training circular (TC) 7-100.2.
One article spotlights a “Targeted Assassination in Libya” technique to plant an improvised explosive device (IED) on the victim’s vehicle. Another article details an incidence of terrorism with an IED event in the Peoples Republic of China against citizens by a terrorist organization in a relevant population.
JMRC planners have adapted doctrine established in Training Circular (TC) 7-101, Exercise Design, in order to synchronize the exercise scenario and promote shared understanding across JMRC’s operations group. Every JMRC exercise includes a different set of training locations in Europe and different multinational participants on both BLUEFOR and OPFOR. TRISA continues its regular situational awareness of terrorism and antiterrorism in our CTID training literature.