OEE Red Diamond DEC14

This month’s lead article details the many threat, opposing force (OPFOR), and operational environment (OE) products of the TRADOC G2 Operational Environment Enterprise and its Complex Operational Environment and Threat Integration Directorate (TRISA-CTID) that were released in 2014. Another article addresses a concept of functional tactics and its role in functional analysis. OPFOR training literature embeds these principles in threat conditions to live, virtual, constructive, and gaming (LVCG) venues that replicate conditions representative of an actual OE. Articles range institutional and operational topics such as recent rotation activities at the National Training Center (NTC) and how the Decisive Action Training Environment (DATE) is fundamental to robust and relevant training. Other observations assess state and paramilitary actions in Crimea by one state against another sovereign state; vulnerabilities in unmanned vehicle system (UAS) tactics
and techniques that could be applied by a threat; irregular forces’ use of multiple improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in a complex urban environment; and antisatellite (ASAT) technologies that could be used by state and non-state surrogates’ plans to disrupt or negate potential enemy capabilities. Many of these topics are covered in the instruction and practical exercises of the CTID Threat Tactics Course (TTC) and mobile training team (MTT) variants.