OEE Red Diamond APR13

This issue of the TRISA Red Diamond introduces a series of articles on the training support of the TRISA Wargaming, Experimentation, Test, and Evaluation Directorate (WETED). Highly trained experts in threat emulation, current doctrine, and threat TTP are being used to stress Army leaders as they consider equipment, force design, and training options for the near and long term.
Other articles include potential threats to undersea fiber optic cables, operational environment assessments on Yemen, recent developments in a series of general purpose machine guns, and a modern armored infantry fighting vehicle.
Threat tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) employed in recent insurgent ambushes or raids include insurgents in Myanmar (Burma) disrupting enemy land transportation routes in their insurgent area of operations. North African insurgents raided a gas plant with an ambush on local land transportation, and seizure, murder, and hostage-taking of plant workers.
Another TTP by a small insurgent cell in Syria included a dismounted raid on a tank platoon. Basic tactics in reconnaissance, surprise, and violent execution of an assault resulted in successful raid of a tank platoon defensive position. Similar TTP are being incorporated into Training Circular 7-100.3, Irregular Opposing Forces, to be published in 2013.