Military Equipment Guide Identification

Units can order Russian Cards (GTA-20-17-003) and Posters (GTA-20-17-007) as well as other available editions through their local Training Support Center.

    Iran Edition:
  • Cards - GTA-20-17-002
  • Posters - GTA-20-17-006
    China Edition:
  • Cards - GTA-20-17-001
  • Posters - GTA-20-17-005
    North Korea Edition:
  • Cards - GTA-20-17-004
  • Posters - GTA-20-17-008

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Russian Playing Cards


  • Operational Environment Enterprise (OEE) Red Diamond, The Red Diamond is a quarterly publication featuring articles on threat actions, actors, OE conditions, and observations of current and emerging real-world threat techniques. The intent of the Red Diamond is to move lessons learned from real events to the training community in a timely and concise manner. Articles for the Red Diamond are accepted from analysts within the TRADOC G2 as well as analysts and subject matter experts from other organizations.

    1. OEE Red Diamond Dec 2019
      • Russian Arctic Army
      • Russia in Africa
      • Maneuver Defense Battalion (BTIG)
    2. OEE Red Diamond AUG 2017
      • Russia
      • Snow Dome Part 2
      • Integrated Attack in Threat/OPFOR Ops
    3. OEE Red Diamond MAY 2017
      • Russia in the Arctic
      • Tactical Vignette (delay, linkup)
      • Attacks in NW India
      • ATGM Raid
      • Sarab APS
      • ACE-TI POCs