How Will the COVID-19 Global Pandemic Shape the Operational Environment?

During your enforced isolation while teleworking, the Mad Scientist Laboratory would like you to give some thought about how the current COVID-19 Global Pandemic will shape the Operational Environment.  Please review the attached writing prompt (below), then craft and submit a guest blog post submission telling us how you think this crisis will affect the OE and the changing character of warfare. We look forward to reading and posting the most insightful submissions!  Thank you!

  • Experiencing the impact of COVID-19 may leave commanders and staff with a better appreciation for the impact of biologics and the biological threat on the force and operational environment.  One need only see the effects of COVID-19 on the USS T. Roosevelt to see not only the operational impact but strategic as well.    How will this change the relationship between medical support and the operational element? How will this change the relationships between military medicine, host nation/local medicine and IO/NGO medical communities in the area of operations and responsibility?    When a 'bug' can  take out literally MILLIONS in the course of a month, how will you counter it?