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"In the Year 2047"- By Dr. David Leffler - Futurist Essay About Invincible Defense Technology (IDT)

This is a passage taken from my futurist essay (see PDF) about Invincible Defense Technology (IDT):

"The primary duty of the GoP is to command all countries’ Military Prevention Wings: groups of military personnel practicing an advanced consciousness-developing program twice daily. The Prevention Wings responsible for creating and maintaining world peace accomplished this by harnessing the power available at the source of existence, the level of the unified field, a thousand million million times (10 to the 15th power) more powerful than the nuclear force. The ongoing group meditation technology to take advantage of this energy had so successfully alleviated the collective stresses leading to terrorism and war that war had become a thing of the past."

Here are some recent articles published about IDT:

SOUTH SUDAN: (23 November 2016). DR. DAVID LEFFLER: Simple Solution to Prevent Regional "Fires" Spreading to Lebanon. The Upper Nile Times.

MIDDLE EAST: (7 November 2016). The simplest way to stop bombing in Baghdad. The Great Middle East.

UKRAINE: (4 August 2015). Interview with Dr. David Leffler, Executive Director at the Center for Advanced Military Science
By Vasylyna Burger
. Life in Ukraine.

During this dangerous time IDT is being deployed by militaries worldwide. Please see this online video documenting the beginning stages of IDT deployment by the military of Ukraine:

Militaries worldwide are meeting the ideal challenge for the 21st century, to create lasting peace by using the most advanced, cost-effective technology available. This new IDT emerging defense paradigm creates permanent peace by preventing enemies from arising. Through proper application of IDT, victory before war is achieved, for a fraction of the cost of current defense systems.

Links to 1300 papers and articles about IDT published worldwide are available at: 

  • Dr. David Leffler (7 May 2020). US Navy’s Role Once War is Obsolete. DSA [Defence and Security Alert]. PDF can be downloaded here:


  • The original US Army TRADOC Mad Scientist "Articles of Interest" was first posted here. This longer US Army-oriented version was meant to be in accord with The Goldwater–Nichols Act because it also includes how the Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and Air Force could deploy Invincible Defense Technology (IDT).

    The newer version::

    Dr. David Leffler (7 May 2020). US Navy’s Role Once War is Obsolete. DSA [Defence and Security Alert].

    is a shorter version is meant to appeal to naval-oriented readers.

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    This article was recetnly published in Los Angeles:

    UNITED STATES: Arlene J. Schar and Dr. David Leffler (30 July 2020). Leaders Could Prevent Enemies from Arising. Pakistan Link. Paper version (VOL. 31/31 – 20 Dhul-Hijjah, 1442 AH Friday, July 30, 2020, Page 4 continues on Page 26 and 28) can be viewed online at: www.pakistanlink.org/.../index.html.

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