OEE Red Diamond AUG13

This issue of Red Diamond features articles on advanced situational awareness training by the Wargaming, Experimentation, Test, and Evaluation Directorate (WETED), and a study on displaced Syrians and Jordanian stability by the Modeling & Simulation Directorate and Operational Environment Laboratory.
An article on electromagnetic pulse (EMP) as a weapon focuses on possible North Korean intentions and evolving ballistic missile and nuclear capabilities.
The Ferghana Valley, a valley that spans three Central Asian countries’ borders, presents an excellent case of a operational environment (OE) for study and analysis with the complex variables of PMESII-PT.
The CTID Threat Report Barisan Revolusi Nasional discusses an Islamist insurgency in southern Thailand and reviews BRN ambush tactics, techniques, and procedures.
Another article presents a model for training and understanding persistent conflict in an insurgency operational environment (OE) with OPFOR.