OEE Red Diamond AUG12

The Complex Operational Environment and Threat Integration Directorate
(CTID) is currently producing the first Regionally Aligned Force Training
Environment for Africa. The RAFTE is a TRADOC G-2 approved publication that
serves as a supplement to the Decisive Action Training Environment (DATE)
publication. The first RAFTE will focus on Africa and will be published fall 2012.
The purpose of the RAFTE is to highlight specific OE conditions and
characteristics that are unique to the region that are not included in the DATE.
Real-world conditions will be translated into generic and representative
conditions for each RAFTE produced. This allows for trainers focused on a
specific region to be able to use the RAFTE as the baseline document for
decisive action training scenario development. Each RAFTE will contain four
sections: 1) OEs under review –matrix of conditions; 2) Discussion of
unique conditions (by OE variable); 3)Conditions in the DATE that do not
apply to the RAFTE; 4) Possible RAFTE-based events linked to specific
ASCC tasks. Each RAFTE will be built through collaboration between TRISA-CTID
and each ASCC staff. The ASCC staff will identify the key conditions that
must be replicated for any regionally aligned force BCT training for that
region. TRISA-CTID will then integrate these conditions into a package
within the DATE framework that provides exercise planners with the tools and conditions necessary to provide realistic challenges across all the OE
variables while also retaining a focus on conditions specifically appropriate to the
region covered by a particular RAFTE. Decisive action training scenarios built from a
RAFTE provide the perfect blend of conditions appropriate to a specific region and
conditions appropriate to maintaining task proficiency. The DATE and RAFTEs are
not scenarios. They are tools to support the development of a scenario. Each
training venue is responsible for the production of each scenario based upon the
conditions represented in the documents, albeit with TRISA-CTID as a partner.
RAFTEs will be used by all combat training centers (CTCs), power projection
platforms, exercise divisions, Centers of Excellence, and home station venues to
support decisive action training. Each RAFTE provides a single source for OE
conditions required for such training events for appropriate regionally aligned
forces. Each RAFTE eliminates the need for each training venue to expend time
and resources to develop the OE needed to support its exercises.