Avoid Spoof Website - watch for security images

IMPORTANT: A website spoofing APAN has been identified by APAN's cybersecurity team. It is IMPORTANT for ALL USERS to be extremely vigilant when logging in to APAN. Ensure you are logging into one of the following URLs:

Also, APAN's log in process includes the use of security images. After entering your username, APAN will show you the image you selected upon account creation. These images are simple graphics of easily identifiable objects.

(this image is not used on APAN)

If you do NOT see an image presented by APAN before you enter your password, DO NOT CONTINUE. APAN will always present an image to you before asking for your password. Spoofing websites look like APAN, but they do not offer you a security image. If you proceed with logging in without seeing your security image, you risk giving your username and password to a non-APAN organization.

If you have any questions or concerns please submit a ticket to the APAN Support Team via our ServiceNow platform starting here: ServiceNow (apan.org). Users can also call our team at 1-808-472-7855.
Thank you for your constant vigilance,
APAN Support Team