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FY20 Q2: New APAN Features Scheduled for Release

Aloha to our Valued APAN Customers! We are happy to announce some improvements to our capabilities and services within the next couple months:   

Web Conferencing with Adobe Connect: APAN will transition to a new Connect server on 30 April. All users who wish to download or export content & recordings from the old server will need to do so no later than 29 April. APAN customers will be able to create and configure new meeting rooms with Adobe Connect 10.6.1: 

  • Features an entirely new client for participants based on HTML with nothing to download or install. No more Flash required! However, in order to share screens as a host or presenter, an add-in does need to be installed on the host’s computer. 
  • Every pod type from the desktop application is available within the HTML client, including Attendees, Chat, Files, Notes, Polls, Q&A, Share, Video and Web Links. Default pod layouts for common types of meetings/training have also been improved. 
  • Continues support with the web client for all of the same types of files/media: Slides (PPT & PPTX), Documents (PDF), Video (MP4), Audio (MP3), and Annotations & Whiteboards. 
  • Improved video and audio capabilities 

Maps and Apps with ArcGISAPAN is also upgrading its Esri ArcGIS platform to version 10.7.1 over the next few weeks. This upgrade brings you the following new features: 

  • GeoEvent Server: Enables tracking of moving assets, monitoring stationary sensors, or following social media feeds so you can tap into, analyze, and display real-time data on your maps.  
  • Image Server: The fast, efficient way to process, analyze, and share massive collections of imagery and rasters.  
  • GeoAnalytics Server: Enable you to quickly analyze large amounts of complex data across space and time. 
  • ArcGIS for Maritime: Use maritime data as another data source for situational awareness and decision making to support a variety of sectors such as Transportation, Ports, Energy, Ocean Science, Defense, and Coastal Zone Management. 

You can find more information about our planned upgrades and new product releases within the quarterly CCMD Stakeholders presentation; the roadmap schedule is on slide #9. 

In order to reduce impacts to our customers during ongoing maintenance, patches or upgrades, we are also requesting you to forward us important dates & times of your events, exercises, conferences, meetings, etc. using the APAN Support Ticket online or call +1 (808) 472-7855.  

Thank you for your support! 
Your APAN Application Service Provider Team