Please note that this program review has already happened. The presentations a now available for download.

The 2013 Electromagnetics Contractors Meeting will be held virtually, January 9-10, 2013.  There is no registration fee however we do ask that you register online by clicking the link below. 

STEP 1: Register 
Please register online. We would appreciate if all attendees and presenters complete the online registration.

STEP 2: Download Agenda

Download and review agenda. Please note that the times are EST.

STEP 3: Upload Presentation/Poster 
Presenters should upload final Powerpoint (PPT or PPTX) presentation slides using this secure upload form. Please remember that your presentations will be preloaded, so we will not be able to accomodate last minute changes.

If you have a poster to share, please upload it in Dr. Nachman's public media gallery by clicking on the "New Post" button (Note that you will need to be an APAN member to upload files). PPT or PDF are both acceptable files types. On the upload window, please also be sure to name your poster and provide a description and POC information in the "description" field.

You will be able to view and comment on all posters as they become available in the media gallery.

STEP 4: Test the Streaming Link
This meeting will be broadcast using Adobe Connect. If you have never used Adobe Connect, you may wish to test your connection prior to the start of this meeting. TEST.  

STEP 5: Join the Meeting
This event will be streamed live. Watch the Electromagnetics Contractors Meeting on January 9-10, 2013.