• 30 Jun 2021

    Reconnaissance of Influence Operations (RIO) program.

    An Artificial Intelligence program that would automatically detect disinformation narratives as well as those individuals who are spreading the narratives within social media networks. In the 30 days leading up to the election, the RIO team collected real-time social media data to search for and analyze the spread of disinformation. In total, they compiled 28 million Twitter posts from 1 million accounts. Then, using...
    • 11 Feb 2020

    Is VR Fading Away?

    VR is waning as fast as 3DTV, but is that a sign of extinction? Cinema operator IMAX, which used $50 million in venture capital funding to open virtual reality arcades in cities from New York to Bangkok, shuttered all the locations after just two years. What is going on? Experts are saying its yet another overhyped fad . VR seems to be a great way to immerse yourself in movies, 3d experiences and a whole host of immersive...
    • 16 Jan 2020

    AI - China, Russia and the Global Order

    A fascinating look at how AI is becoming a near-peer competitive issue. "US policymakers must prepare for the impacts of new artificial intelligence (AI)-related technologies" "The emerging digital liberal democracy in the...
    • 6 Aug 2019

    ML Vs AI

    Machine Learning is teaching a machine to do something and Artificial Intelligence is the machine doing what it has been taught. Know the difference. Learn More.
    • 24 Jun 2019

    Education Driving Massive Surge in AR/VR

    While hardware will be the biggest spending line for AR/VR, Lab and Field work in Higher Education institutions forecast will drive the compound annual growth rate in higher education to 183.4 percent. Its no wonder that AR/VR is taking off in education, currently its a virtually untapped resource for improving learning. In this article on The Journal, an educational technology journal, this explosive growth over the...
    • 22 May 2019

    A look at the Future of AI

    Recently Air University (AU) has experienced a shift in the thought applied and use of emerging technologies in our Educational programs. As an organization that is traditionally vertical in its method of thought applied to emerging technologies, we think about cost, value and application for a level of student. In the past 12 months AU has begun to experience more and more ways that new and innovative technology can...
    • 9 Jan 2019

    DARPA is exploring the "Third Wave" of AI.

    DARPA's AI Next Campaign DARPA is exploring the "Third Wave" of AI. For more than five decades, DARPA has been a leader in generating groundbreaking research and development (R&D) that facilitated the advancement and application of rule-based and statistical-learning based AI technologies. Today, DARPA continues to lead innovation in AI research as it funds a broad portfolio of R&D programs,...
    • 29 Dec 2018

    AI on the Move in 2019

    On the horizon we will find more and more applications for AI with telecoms, high tech and financial services leading the way. Developers bridged many of the unknown gaps in skills to develop AI systems and faster than anticipated. Most businesses are now using chatbot systems for customer service in industries like banking healthcare, and retail shopping. A most notable, and interesting increase is the building out...
    • 18 Jul 2018

    An Assessment of Roles of AI and ML Systems in the Near Future

    In this interesting article the author explores the use of AI and ML on the battelfield. Summary: While the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) continues to experiment with Artificial Intelligence (AI) as part of its Third Offset Strategy, questions regarding levels of human participation, ethics, and legality remain. Though a battlefield in the future will likely see autonomous decision-making technology as a norm, the...