Is VR Fading Away?

VR is waning as fast as 3DTV, but is that a sign of extinction?  Cinema operator IMAX, which used $50 million in venture capital funding to open virtual reality arcades in cities from New York to Bangkok, shuttered all the locations after just two years. What is going on?  Experts are saying its yet another overhyped fad.  

VR seems to be a great way to immerse yourself in movies, 3d experiences and a whole host of immersive learning, but what is really happening to VR?  It seems that AR and XR is pushing through the virtual spaces and becoming a more viable solution.  That is not to say that VR is going away but it has taken significant hits financially over the last few years. Facebook is developing a spark to the VR community with their new gaming platform.  

In this Forbes article you can explore what movie makers, software development companies and retail outlets are doing to give VR a resurgence.